Wang- Zheng Group is principally engaged in manufacturing, processing and distribution of fibre-based products. Whilst the products are mainly manufactured under its own brand names, Wang-Zheng Group also acts as OEMs for various local and foreign brands.

Disposable Fibre – based Products
Wang-Zheng group manufactures a wide range of disposable fibre-based products. Its products include disposable baby diapers, sanitary napkin protection and tissue products and cotton products. In response to the different needs and preferences of its target customers, different features are emphasized and various packaging sizes are available. Cotton products manufactured by Wang –Zheng Group include facial cotton, cotton buds, cotton wool rolls, cotton balls and zig-zag cotton.

Processed Papers
The processed papers processed and distributed by Wang-Zheng Group include wood-free paper and art paper,. Its products are principally sold to local publishing and printing companies. Amongst others, the paper are subsequently used for printing and publishing textbooks, magazines, and catalogues and used as writing and printing paper by corporations and household. Sales of corrugated carton boxes to small and medium size companies in the domestic market also contribute marginally to the revenue of the processed papers category.

Miscellaneous Items
In addition to the manufacturing and distribution of the aforementioned fibre-based products, Wang-Zheng Group, via Wang-Zheng Corporation, also sells various other brands of consumer and household items. There consumer items include Hair Shampoo, Shower Cream, Baby Oil and Hair gel.

Wang-Zheng Group places strong emphasis on the need to keep itself abreast with contemporary technologies in order to stay efficient and competitive. The Directors and senior management of Wang-Zheng Group attend local and international trade fairs and seminars relevant to the disposable fibre-based products and processed papers industries to keep themselves abreast with amongst others, the modernization of technology. Its products are manufactured via highly –mechanized operations, supervised and maintained by skilled and semi-skilled labour.
Wang-Zheng group utilizes Italian technology for the manufacture of disposable baby diapers, and technologies from Japan and Thailand for the manufacturing of sanitary protection and tissue products. Taiwanese technologies are used for the paper processing activities of New Top Win.
Carefeel Cotton become one of the pioneers in manufacturing cotton jumbo rolls in Malaysia when the company imported Japanese technology in 1994. Prior to 1994, finished cotton products were mostly imported from Japan. With the assistance of its then Korean partners cum technical experts, Carefeel Cotton commenced production of the cotton jumbo rolls, which were subsequently processed into other cotton products. Today, Carefeel Cotton is one of the two (2) established local manufacturers of cotton jumbo rolls (source: Frost & Sullivan). For productions of finished cotton products, Wang-Zheng group utilizes technologies from Japan, Switzerland and Italy.